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Pylon Racing

What is RC Pylon Racing?

Radio Control Pylon racing is an adrenaline rush like few others offered in RC.  Racing head to head against 3 other pilots around the course tests your flying ability and will leave you craving more.  RC Pylon Racing is organized by the National Miniature Pylon Racing  Association (NMPRA). 

NMPRA is the Special Interest Group for the Academy of Model Aeronautics. NMPRA is an organization of Pylon Racers whose mission  is to promote, organize and standardize the hobby. National Miniature


Club 40 Objectives:

Pylon racing is a great way to increase the fun of flying your RC model aircraft. Once you have mastered the basics of the take-off and landing.  Pylon racing is an easy step up in our hobby/sport. Our club is active in Club 40 two pole racing and we have two races each year. Experienced Club members will help anyone interested in participating in this exciting event. Club 40 is a two pole event with the pilot standing at the flight station while flying his or her plane around two poles that are parallel to the runway and 150 feet out. In many respects it’s like regular sport flying, however there are two or three other plane also flying around these poles and the object is to be the first one to complete 10 laps without a cut (turning short of the pole at either end).

The objective of Club 40 is to provide an entry level pylon racing class that is affordable and club friendly.

At present there are three planes permitted to fly Club40. These are the World Models Sky Raider, LA Racer and the SIG FourStar 40. 

The airframes chosen are based on a common set of attributes:

  • Must be able to taxi easily. Steerable tailwheels or nose gear is required.
  • Must have upright engine with exposed cylinder and muffler.
  • Minimum wing area of 550 sq. inches and 53" wingspan.


  • Wing must be held on with screws.
  • Must have a canopy.
  • Kit or ARF must be $150 or less.



Engines will be limited to .40 and 46 sport engines to make compliance with AMA regulations easier.