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Spring Fling05/03/201806/22/2018Peabody, Rich
Work Day05/03/201806/22/2018Peabody, Rich
May News05/03/201806/22/2018Peabody, Rich
Feb. 2018 newsletter03/01/201806/22/2018Peabody, Rich
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Out next sanctioned event is the first annual CARL WENGER ELECTRIC Fly-In This event is open to all electric planes, quads, helis and control line planes. Circle October 20th and 21st on your calendar!

The SOUTHEAST STUNT-N-FUN for control line planes will take place November 3rd and 4th.  Some of the Region's best Stunt Pilots will fly in this event! SPECTATORS WELCOME!

There are people at the field almost daily that would be happy to explain more about our facilities and our club...don't be shy!

November 24th is the date for our Annual Swap Meet and Fun Fly. Details will follow.

Contact Us for more information!



MCRC....the FRIENDLY club!